3 Thermobricks achetƩs, -10% de remise
Il mesure la tempĆ©rature mĆŖme en votre absence
Il conserve jusque 18 mois de donnƩes dans sa mƩmoire !
Sa batterie dure 3 ans
Il fonctionne Ơ l'intƩrieur et Ơ l'extƩrieur
Nous le fabriquons en šŸ‡«šŸ‡· France et en Europe

Measure temperature anywhere,

34.80 Euros all taxes incl.

A small and powerful sensor

Easy to use, anywhere.


Make sure your appliances always keep the required refrigeration.

Containers and vehicles

Record temperature changes during the entire transport duration.


Optimize your home heating, while keeping good comfort of life.

Agricultural greenhouses

Constantly monitor the temperature in your greenhouses.

Wine cellars

Is your wine always stored at the best temperature?


Picnics, camping, hiking, take a Thermobrick with you.


Measure the humidity level and temperature on your construction sites.

Children's rooms

Make sure your kids are never too hot or too cold.


A Thermobrick on the windowsill will tell if it is necessary to cover up.

and dozens of other uses for professionals and individuals

Stores over a year of data!

The only sensor with internal memory

The Thermobrick has an incredible storage capacity that allows it to keep all the measurement data. By reading the temperature every 15 minutes, it will be able to store more than a month of data in its memory. By reading it every 4 hours, it will keep up to 18 months of data. When you connect to the Thermobrick with your phone, you retrieve all the measurements it has recorded.

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Pack 1 Thermobrick

Perfect for exploration

34.80 Euros all taxes incl.

Pack 3 Thermobricks

Perfect for professional use

94.80 Euros all taxes incl.

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Designed to make your life easier

Compatible with all smartphones

Our sensors use Bluetooth 4.2 to connect. They are compatible with all phones released after 2015.

Quick and easy to get started

Adding a new Thermobrick to your phone is done in seconds. Shake it and it will appear on your screen.

Battery life:
3 ans

The battery of our sensors has a lifespan of 3 years (at 20 Ā° C). Its CR2477 battery is very easy to replace.

30 meters

Our sensors use Bluetooth 4.2 to connect. They are compatible with all phones released after 2015.

Can be used outdoors

The Thermobrick has a case that allows it to withstand outdoor climatic conditions, without being immersible.

A wide measurement range

Thermobrickā€™s measurement range is -30 Ā° C to + 70 Ā° C, which makes it suitable for use in a large number of environments.

and robust

The Thermobrick is a robust briquette the size of a matchbox (50x30x20 mm).

Made in France
and in Europe

Our sensors are designed and manufactured largely in France. Some parts are made in the European community.

1 year of stored data

Depending on the chosen measurement frequency, your Thermobrick is able to read and store temperature data for up to 18 months.

A simple and featureful app

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1 pack

1 Thermobrick

Ideal for starters or as a gift

34,80ā‚¬ all taxes incl.

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Pack of 3 Thermobricks

Perfect for pros or to tool up your home

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