3 Thermobricks achetés, -10% de remise
Il mesure la température même en votre absence
Il conserve jusque 18 mois de données dans sa mémoire !
Sa batterie dure 3 ans
Il fonctionne à l'intérieur et à l'extérieur
Nous le fabriquons en 🇫🇷 France et en Europe


Frequently asked questions

Download the Sensebricks App from Google Play or the App Store and create  your account.

Click on the + button at the bottom right of your screen.

A few seconds later, your new Thermobricks should appear on the screen. If they don’t, it means they’re in sleep mode to protect their battery life. In this case, shake them for about 10 seconds to wake them up. They’ll appear on your list now.

Note: once a Thermobrick has been added to your account, it is not needed to shake them again, they will not enter sleep mode anymore.

Once you have added your Thermobrick to your account, open the menu located at the bottom right corner of the screen on each Thermobrick’s page. Select the “Customize”. On the Customize page, give your Thermobrick a name, to help you identify it, you could use the location where you plan to place it as its name.

  • Download the Sensebricks App from Google Play or the App Store.
  • Create  your account and click on the + button at the bottom right of your screen to add your new Thermobrick
  • Place your Thermobricks where you want to monitor temperature and humidity. It will now take these measurements at the selected frequency, by default every 30 minutes. 
  • To find out the temperature measured by a Thermobrick, get nearby with your phone. The distance for your phone to be able to connect to a Thermobrick varies according to the phone models and the quality of their bluetooth antenna. It is not necessary to touch your Thermobrick.
  • Launch ther Sensebricks App. It’ll connect to any nearby Thermobricks.
  • After ten to fifteen seconds you will see the current temperature and humidity level, which is the last measurement made by the sensor.
  • Then your app will download all the older data recorded by the Themobrick. It’s recommended to stay near the Thermobrick until your app’s finished downloading and displaying the data.

If several Thermobricks are within range of your phone, their data will be retrieved simultaneously.

The hole on the top of your Thermobrick (the side with the logo on it) is used for measuring humidity. It is best to point it towards the place you want to measure and not to place it against a wall.

If you want to place your Thermobrick outside, where it may receive rain, do not place it flat with the logo facing up. It is best to place it upright on one of its sides with the logo in a vertical position.

In your Sensebricks list, the senors appear in gray when they are disconnected and in black when they are connected. On a each Sensebrick’s page, the word “connected” appears at the top of the page.
Please note that it can take several seconds between the moment a Sensebrick connects to your phone and the moment it starts uploading its measurements.

In the App, go to the homepage listing all your Sensebricks. Move one of your sensors. A movement icon appears next to its name. Now you know which one it is.

On the page of a Thermobrick, press on the Temperature and Humidity circles to display the lowest and highest recorded values. You can reset these values on the personalization page of your Thermobrick.

(Pressing on the Temperature or Humidity circles, on the Thermobrick page, displays the lowest and highest recorded values.)

When you have gone backwards in time in the historical charts of a Sensebrick, you can press on the date to be taken back to today.

The firmware is the software that runs on your Sensebricks. It is highly recommended to update it whenever a new version is available. While the update is ongoing, your smartphone must remain close to the Sensebrick until the end of the operation. This only lasts a few minutes. It is preferable to update only one Sensebrick at a time. Note: wait until your sensor has fully uploaded all its measurements before updating its firmware, otherwise, all the data stored in the Sensebrick will be erased.

The hole on the top allows the air to flow in your Thermobrick to sense humidity. The hole is covered by a protective membrane.

Avoid poking the hole and damaging the membrane.

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